"Rom has been my personal trainer for 6 months, I have loved every session with him , he really helps you with your goals and listens to what you want achieve . He never gives up on you and pushes you to your limit to achieve what you want . Would recommend this to everyone as he is amazing." Lauren S. 

"I started training with Rom a few months ago and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks to his passion, commitment and endless enthusiasm and support I have already achieved things which I genuinely never thought would be possible. His sessions are always well thought out and varied, and he finds the perfect balance between pushing and encouraging me. It’s been a great experience so far and one which has had a hugely positive impact on my life in so many different ways. Now I can’t wait to continue training and seeing how much more I can improve my fitness levels and it’s all thanks to Rom, who is a truly exceptional personal trainer. " April A.

I've recently joined Yolo fitness as I wanted to get my fitness levels back to where they used to be a few years ago. Not only I got fitter but Romain has helped me reach my best fitness level ever! I've always been active but Romain finds ways to push me very hard (harder than I could ever push myself on my own), yet still having fun sessions! I've also just got into cycling which is totally new to me and Romain's experience in triathlons and love for bikes and competition proved very helpful, giving me great advice from fitness tips to what equipment to get etc. I strongly recommend Yolo Fitness, good fun and great results guaranteed! Chris B.

“Romain has given me great confidence in my sporting abilities. Thanks to his coaching, he had me running 10km within the first month. That gave me the confidence to enrol myself in mud runs and to the Windsor half marathon. He also taught me that weight training can be fun and it actually gives great results. I have given up many gym memberships within 3 months because I gotten bored. I have been every week for the last four months and have not been bored once. Romain is a great coach.” Muriel J.

“I have been training with Rom for about six months now and I am really pleased with how he has helped me improve my overall fitness and body-shape. I have run my first 10k race (something which I did not think I would ever do), and am now training for the Great South Run (10m) in October. Rom has a great coaching style which motivates me to push myself further and no training session has been the same, meaning that I have not got bored. The results have therefore been far better and quicker than I when I have previously tried to achieve myself in exercise classes and the gym.” Alison P.

“A fantastic, life-changing experience. My time with Rom has given me a new and re-energised view on a healthy lifestyle. His ability to inspire and his enthusiasm for what he does are credits to his character. I first joined 6 months ago, obese and on statins and am now looking forward to my first triathlon and feeling great. I strongly recommend anyone considering changing their lifestyle to go for a 6 week introduction with Rom. I am thoroughly enjoying it. Great work.” Peter B.

“Romain is an amazing personal trainer - dedicated, patient, encouraging and skilled. He has a great studio with a fantastic array of equipment. Every session is varied and challenging.” Nina A.

“I have really enjoyed the PT sessions with Rom. He has kept them varied and challenging without being unrealistic about what I can achieve. I can really feel the results; with an increase in upper body and core strength and >4% body fat lost in 20 weeks. Am very impressed and would definitely recommend him to anyone - either for training for a specific event, or (like me) if you are just trying to tone up and get fitter.” Anna B.

“Totally enjoyed my sessions with Romain, I was quite unfit and a bit reluctant to exercise, but Romain's enthusiasm was contagious and to my surprise I really enjoyed the sessions. Definitely much fitter now, I have taken on board all his advice and exercise daily at home - wouldn't have done it without all his help ! Thank you so much Romain!” Gaelle B.

“I train with Rom on a regular basis and he is helping me achieve my personal fitness goals.  He makes each session fun, gently pushing me further to become stronger and fitter.  My general fitness has improved and I have felt the difference in a few weeks.  I could not get the same results myself, as I simply wouldn't work as hard.” T.K

“Romain is extremely focused and encouraging which is infectious! He's very inspirational and has empathy to help bring out the best in everyone. Excellent!” Jo T

"Inspirational fitness guru who will help you achieve your desired results" Jason F.

“Romain is very patient and very knowledgeable about all aspects of a fit and healthy lifestyle. I would definitely recommend him for personal training"  Clare R.


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